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Ideal for growing teams

Modern customer support solution for small & medium businesses.
per agent, per month
  • A unified easy-to-use interface for all channels
  • Get real-time analytics to monitor performance
  • Dedicated account manager who can assist and work with you
  • Recommended for up to 10 agents
Designed for larger teams

Full-featured contact center solution for medium & large businesses.
per agent, per month
All Moobidesk features, PLUS:
  • Benefit from powerful omnichannel routing
  • Configurable workflow and SLAs to define metrics and optimize call center performance
  • Monitor conversations and effectively train agents to achieve the best results with every chat
  • Recommended for more than 10 agents
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Plans & Features
Moobidesk Enterprise
Communication Channels
Web Chat
Multiple channels
Connect multiple email addresses, virtual numbers, social media accounts and more
Customer Relationship Management
Unified omnichannel conversations
View all interactions coming from various channels in a common interface
Customer profile
Contact list management
Import & export contacts
Audit Trail
Comprehensive view of customer history and interactions on customer profiles
Customer journey mapping
Provide visual representation of every experience your customers have with you
Broadcast messaging
Instantly send bulk SMS and email campaigns to your customers
Advanced AI-powered sentiment
Gain real-time insight into customers’ sentiments and emotions
Agent Productivity
Suggested responses
Scan incoming messages and suggest pre-populated responses
Unified search
Search across conversations, customers and more
Agent collaboration
Agents can quickly escalate cases to the right agents
Agent collision detection
Alert agents when another agent is typing/viewing a particular conversation
Auto responders
Send out timely automatic notifications
Cloud Contact Center Features
SLA management
Use SLAs to set internal goals and targets for response and resolution times
SLA alerts
Display SLA timer for each conversation
Call transfer
Transfer calls to an agent/supervisor
Call handling options
On-call features like hold, mute for a professional experience
Custom aux code
Allow supervisors to customize breaks (e.g. coffee break, training, etc)
Agent management
Queue management
Automatic CTI
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) screen pop with contextual data
Workforce management
Intelligent Routing
Interactive voice responses (IVR)
Callers are guided and informed by a voice menu
Smart omnichannel routing & artificial intelligence
Flexibility to transfer omnichannel interactions seamlessly from chatbot to a live agent
Chat routing
Automatically route incoming chats to assigned agents
Skills-based routing
Automatically pairing customers with the right agent
Multichannel priority routing
Set priority for each agent individually in queue based on the various channels
Analytics & Reporting
Chat and agent reports
Agent dashboard
Supervisor dashboard
Supervisor can see the agents who are mending the specific queues and look into the individual chats the agents are engaging with
Deliver a live display of real-time statistics and metrics
Supervision & Quality Management
Call recording
Supervisor can monitor the performance of the individual agents and improve the quality of response
Allow supervisor to monitor customer calls/messages with agents while guiding them through complex conversations
Supervisor can jump into a call or message when a customer requires more assistance or requests the presence of a manager
CRM integration
Ability to integrate with third-party software
Customer Support
Email support
Web Chat support
WhatsApp support
SMS support
Dedicated account manager
One-to-one onboarding session
All prices are in USD
Frequently Asked Questions
When you sign up for the free Moobidesk plan, you’ll have access to all Moobidesk features. This free plan entitles you to one login account. Some channels are not included but you may buy them directly from the self-management portal.

This free Moobidesk plan is forever free! We created this plan to give small teams access to our innovative customer support technology, and there is no cost until you want more channels, features or agents.

You can increase the number of users on your plan at any time – it’s really easy, just head to your subscription page to activate additional users.

An agent is anyone in your company that will interact with customers. Each rep, admin, manager and supervisor needs their own agent account. Add as many agents as you want on any plan.

We are currently accepting Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cheque.

Absolutely! All your records are private, therefore only you can view and use them.

Yes. Even if we hope that it won’t be necessary, you can cancel your subscription whenever you believe Moobidesk is no longer helping you with your business.

Currently Moobidesk only provides integration with SugarCRM. If you wish to integrate with a different CRM solution, please contact us.

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