Create long-lasting customer relationships

Trust is the most important factor for consumers when selecting insurers. Their initial contact with your customer service personnel generally becomes the key factor to establish that trust. Therefore, many insurance service providers generally seek a solution that enables easy communication and customer handling while ensuring quality customer service. Moobidesk brings conversations from all mediums and consolidates them in one place, creating consistent communication across all channels. Agents get to view the latest customer information at a glance, enabling them to respond in a more personalized manner and form greater trust with every client.
Organize incoming customer queries
Insurance providers deal with a huge number of queries each day from new and current customers. Moobidesk receives all customer queries from different channels and funnels them into one central system while sorting them into appropriate queues. These queues are intelligently allocated to the relevant customer service agent to ensure that the query is taken up by the best suited representative for optimum resolution of the query.
Seamless Communications Always
It is a challenge to provide constant support to clients in an environment where communications are split. Insurance providers have to jump back and forth between different systems to get hold of previous correspondences with customers while reaching out to them on their primary channels. However, the Moobidesk system on the other hand enables your teams to view all previous communications in a single screen while engaging customers on different channels using a single system. With Moobidesk, you can provide an engaging omnichannel experience.
Improved & Efficient Correspondence
The insurance services sector sees a range of different scenarios from general informational queries to actual emergencies. Moobidesk’s automated chatbot helps consumers with basic inquiries and brings in an actual agent when required. This allows support teams to appropriately deploy support resources to maximize team productivity and efficiency.
Build a personal connection with your policyholders
In most cases, consumers aren’t aware of what their insurance needs are. Therefore, service providers have to gain in-depth knowledge of their requirements before offering appropriate solutions. The Moobidesk built-in CRM functionality enables businesses to upload and use customer information on the system. You can now empower your teams with relevant data and past correspondence archives so they can respond quickly to customers.

Why choose Moobidesk

Robust security
An insurance service provider distributes customer information internally. In order to safeguard the business and protect customers, Moobidesk goes a long way to ensure adequate security levels that are compliant with the highest international standards for data privacy and customer protection.
Customizable interface
The Moobidesk platform is fully customizable and can be modified to fit your specific needs. Swiftly create a tailored customer service platform that is built for your requirements and attain exceptional enhancements in your customer service process.
Global support
Moobidesk ensures optimal quality support 24/7 for businesses. We serve companies globally and make sure that we are available to delivery world class support across the globe.
Straightforward navigation
Moobidesk is built to deliver an intuitive and easy-to-use navigation. Thereby, enabling your service agents to easily explore the platform and adopt the new system with ease. Simplify insurance management with Moobidesk.

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