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Why is Moobidesk omnichannel engagement solution chosen
by so many businesses?

Why is Moobidesk omnichannel engagement solution chosen by so many businesses?

Increase in sales revenue
Higher customer satisfaction score
Customer retention rate

Offering power and simplicity
through one platform.

Seamless integration of all communication channels.

Today, we live in a fast-paced world where consumers are choosing the most convenient method to get in touch with you, and they often expect to receive a timely response. As a business, you want to make sure customers get what they want and provide the best experience.
Moobidesk has the perfect omnichannel sales solution to your customer engagement needs – from the seamless integration of all communication channels into a single platform to an automated customer engagement system powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Moobidesk offers you the capability to provide smooth sales and customer support. With our powerful, easy to use API, you can also provide effortless customer support straight from your company’s system, making tracking records of case tickets or storing chat histories in your CRM seamless and hassle-free.

Why Moobidesk Is Your Top Choice For Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions In Malaysia

Get to know how Moobidesk can assist your agents in enhancing customer engagements, bringing about improved customer satisfaction.


A connected customer experience.
Offer the most comprehensive customer experience on all channels under one platform. Through Moobidesk, you have the option to select the most suitable channels of communication that suits your business requirements and respond to them on one single user interface.


Improved customer response time.
A swift reply gives customers the impression that they are a valued part of your business. Moobidesk analyses all incoming messages and offers suggestions for the agents. This ensures the elimination of potential human error, offering agents the ability to get back to customer requests as soon as possible.


Uninterrupted bot to agent transition.
The moment a new customer gets in touch with your business, the Moobidesk bot will respond intelligently to the customer, keeping them engaged. When it comes to more complex requests, the Moobidesk bot hands over the chat to a live agent seamlessly.


Ownership is given to the agent who first responds to the chat.
The first agent who responds can claim ownership of a new conversation, helping to ensure that the customer doesn’t get messages from multiple agents. New conversations will be categorised in an Unassigned tab, allowing agents to access and claim it easily.


Effortless to set up. Tweak anytime.
The world of customer support is complex - that’s why we make it ultra-simple for you to tailor the system to your business specifications. You can easily add agents, set up channels, SLA, queue, skill set, aux code, and chat routing at any time.


Understand key performance metrics at a glance.
Get a quick summary of your conversation volume trend and new customers acquired throughout the day, giving your agents a clear understanding of the business performance with easily digestible reports.

Available in the cloud, on premises, or hybrid cloud

Available in the cloud, on premises, or hybrid cloud

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Advantages of Using Moobidesk

What you can expect from our unified customer engagement platform.
Enhanced productivity & efficiency of agents
Though the integration of different channels to a single customer engagement platform, it gives your agents the ability to provide a great customer experience, while keeping track of customer details. Agents can get to customer requests spread across different channels swiftly and efficiently.
Increased customer loyalty & retention
An omnichannel customer service software allows customers to get in touch with you from anywhere in the world. Your agents can provide quick solutions to their problems, ensuring a long-lasting positive customer relationship.
Improved monitoring & tracking capabilities
Obtain a clear view on the performance of the customer support team. Data can be transformed into actionable insights which is used for better intra-team coordination and improve communication with customers.
Reduce business operating costs
Automated engagement system reduces the cost of customer service by 30%, while giving agents adequate time to handle complex requests as the Moobidesk chatbot provides answers instantly to the simpler questions asked by customers.
Outstanding customer experiences
Data of each customer from all channels would be stored automatically on one interface and database. It improves the overall customer experience by eliminating the need for customers to repeat what they have previously mentioned to your agents.
Greater scalability, reliability and availability
Moobidesk is a cloud-based customer engagement software that is built on a scalable, secure, high-performing infrastructure, allowing you to grow your agents instantaneously.
Better problem resolution timing
Moobidesk intelligently analyses your customers’ messages, and suggests the best response to customer service agents. This way, they can send out replies much faster and provide answers that make your customers feel valued.
Increased operational efficiency
By streamlining and automating your support process means fewer repeat calls, shorter call times, and quick problem resolution, all contributing to increased support efficiency and the lowering of customer care costs.

Why organizations choose Moobidesk's Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions

Other customer engagement support software is overly complex and runs on siloed legacy systems. This makes the systems inflexible, resulting in decreased productivity and efficiency.

Moobidesk is an intuitive modern helpdesk that empowers all to drive desired business outcomes and boost sales faster and easier than ever before.

Experience the most sophisticated and
cost-effective customer support solution.

Experience the most sophisticated and cost-effective customer support solution.

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About Moobidesk
Moobidesk is a product of Maven Lab Pte Ltd
Founded in 2006, Maven Lab is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) company based in Singapore. Specialising in providing customised customer engagement solutions to world-renown brands, governments and call centers, Maven Lab strive to simplify the customer support journey at an affordable price point for businesses while fulfilling every customers’ needs.