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Why do successful businesses adopt Moobidesk
omnichannel engagement
Why do successful businesses adopt Moobidesk omnichannel engagement
Increase in sales revenue
Higher customer satisfaction score
Customer retention rate
Power and simplicity.
All on one platform.
Integration with all major communication channels
We are in a rapidly moving and highly interconnected world, where your target audience are using their most preferred and convenient communication channel to get in touch with you. During the engagement, they expect you to not only know them well but your response time to be almost immediate.
Moobidesk connects all essential communication channels on a single platform. Combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we make it fast and easy for you to handle sales and customer support by automating your entire customer engagement. Logging a case ticket or storing chat histories into your CRM is also seamless, with ready-made APIs to be integrated into your systems quickly and efficiently.
Key features of Moobidesk
Learn how Moobidesk makes your agents’ lives easier, your customer engagement more efficient, and your customers happier.
A truly connected customer experience.
Orchestrate the best customer experience across all channels on one platform. With this customer engagement platform, you get to choose the right communication channels that best fit your business needs and respond to those enquiries from a single interface.
Speed up customer service response time.
A fast response makes customers feel valued. With our help desk software, Moobidesk analyses the incoming message and automatically suggests the best responses to your agents, removing the potential for human error and allowing agents to respond quickly to customer issues.
Seamless bot to agent transition.
As soon as someone connects with your business, the Moobidesk bot intelligently engages and services the customer. When it comes to complex requests, the Moobidesk bot transfers control of the chat or call to a live agent automatically.
Ownership given to agent who first responds to the chat.
Agent can claim ownership of a new conversation, helping to ensure that the customer doesn’t get messages from multiple agents. New conversations will be categorised in an Unassigned tab, allowing agents to access and claim it easily.
Effortless to setup. Tweak anytime.
The world of customer support is complex - that’s why we make it ultra-simple for you to tailor the system to your business specifications. You can easily add agents, set up channels, SLA, queue, skill set, aux code, and chat routing at any time.
Understand key performance metrics at a glance.
Get a quick summary on your conversation volume trend and new customers acquired throughout the day, giving your agents a clear understanding of the business performance with easily digestible reports.
Available in the cloud, on premises, or hybrid cloud
Available in the cloud, on premises, or hybrid cloud
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Benefits of Moobidesk
What you can expect from our unified customer engagement platform.
Increased agent productivity & efficiency
With the integration of multiple channels into one customer engagement platform, your customer service agents can create consumer-centric experiences, keep track of customer information and respond to customer queries across channels quickly, accurately and easily.
Improved customer loyalty
Going omnichannel with our customer support software allows your customers to contact you from wherever they are, all while getting help to solve their problems swiftly, and to build positive long-term customer relationships.
Efficient monitoring & tracking
Get an overview on how your customer support team is performing, while turning data into actionable insights for stronger collaboration within the team and enhance customer communication.
Significant cost savings
Streamlining and automating your engagement process means saving on customer service costs by speeding up response times, freeing up agents for more challenging work, and getting 80% of routine questions answered by the Moobidesk chatbot.
Superior customer experiences
An individual customer’s data from any channel they have used is automatically stored on the same interface and database. It elevates the customer experience, as it eliminates the need for the customer to repeat information that has been mentioned before.
High levels of scalability, reliability and availability
Moobidesk is a cloud customer engagement software built on a highly secure, scalable infrastructure and our elasticity allows you to seamlessly grow from 50 agents to 200 agents instantly.
Better problem resolution timing
Moobidesk intelligently analyses your customers’ messages, and suggests the best response to customer service agents. This way, they can send out replies much faster and provide answers that make your customers feel valued.
Increased operational efficiency
By streamlining and automating your support process means fewer repeat calls, shorter call times, and quick problem resolution, all contributing to increased support efficiency and the lowering of customer care costs.

Why organizations choose Moobidesk

Other customer support software are overly complex and run on siloed legacy systems. This makes the systems inflexible, resulting in decreased productivity and efficiency.

Moobidesk is an intuitive modern helpdesk which empowers all to drive desired business outcomes faster and easier than ever before.
Experience the most innovative and affordable
customer support solution today.
Experience the most innovative and affordable customer support solution today.
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About Moobidesk
Moobidesk is a product of Maven Lab Pte Ltd
Founded in 2006, Maven Lab is a trusted software-as-a-service (SaaS) company in Singapore dedicated to delivering innovative customer engagement solutions to leading brands, call centers and the government. Maven Lab believe in making it easy and affordable for businesses to create outstanding customer experiences while meeting key business metrics.