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Comprehensive marketing activities
Moobidesk’s broadcast feature enables you to send bulk messages via various channels to a wide audience to notify customers of promotional activities easily. The chat function also allows you to substantiate your marketing efforts with quick and effective responses to customer enquiries. Optimize marketing outcomes and grow sales with Moobidesk.
Customer retention and loyalty
Customers are receptive towards loyalty programs because it gives them a sense of exclusivity and makes them feel valued. Moobidesk simplifies the process of managing loyalty programs with its unique tagging feature and communications capabilities. Keep in touch with your customers and improve customer retention effortlessly.
All-encompassing customer experiences
Customer experience has been spotlighted in recent years as the factor that differentiates one business from another. Customers seek personalized support and excellent service that extends beyond purchases. This includes activities such as exchange, refund and product usage enquiries. With Moobidesk, you can streamline enquiries by creating dedicated queues to provide customers with the help they need from the most suitable agent available.
Contextualized customer engagement
Moobidesk allows you to import customer contacts onto the platform alongside instant access to chat histories for agents to paint a concise picture of who is at the other end of the line. Agents can accurately address each customers’ concerns and deliver continuous conversations for an interpersonal experience that exceeds customer expectations.
Centralized omnichannel interaction
Giving customers the freedom to choose between channels may often result in increased efforts and confusion on your end. Moobidesk integrates various channels into one interface and directs all enquiries to the same platform so that you can give customers the optimal omnichannel experience while reducing effort in handling customer communications.
Why choose Moobidesk
User-friendly interface
Our platform is designed to ensure efficiency from the beginning with smooth user flow and straightforward navigation. With Moobidesk, your customer engagement team will be able to familiarize themselves with the new interface promptly and start interacting with your customers in no time.
Customer oriented service
At Moobidesk, customer service is never an afterthought. We are here for you every step of the way to answer your queries and ensure that your interface runs smoothly. Catering to a global audience, we extend our support to wherever your business is for comprehensive coverage and accessible support at all times.
Fuss-free set up
Our ready-to-go platform has all the necessary infrastructures put in place for easy set up on your end. We offer self-onboarding for various channels so that you can get your interface up and going without back-end activation. Set up your channels, make some customizations and you are done – it’s that simple.
Advanced information security
In view of ever-evolving cyberthreats, we take extensive measures to keep your information safe. The world class security infrastructures put in place give our clients the confidence they need to store valuable customer information and manage customer relationships using Moobidesk.
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