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How Face of Man used Moobidesk to drive an 8X increase in appointments booked

How Face of Man used Moobidesk to drive an 8X increase in appointments booked

Face of Man is Singapore’s original men’s skincare centre. Pioneered by Adam and Chris Chua in November 1992, these innovative twins have revolutionized the male skincare industry with one vision: to provide men with skincare solutions of the highest standards combined with excellent customer service.

Challenges they face

Before adopting Moobidesk, Face of Man had their share of troubles managing customer support. All of Face of Man’s enquiries were handled by one staff through email, phone call and in person, at the physical store during business hours. “We were struggling to keep up with the growing demands of our customers, and it was difficult managing enquiries coming from the various channels,” said Chris Chua, Owner of Face of Man.

Face of Man decided they needed a software that can:

  • Provide consistent multi-channel customer experience
  • Reduce their staff workload
  • Generate leads and boost customer satisfaction
  • Quickly and easily respond to customer enquiries
  • Give an overview of all customer engagement

Moobidesk proved to be effective

After evaluating a range of software, Face of Man decided to choose Moobidesk to accomplish their objectives. “We took up the SMS, Email, Facebook and Web Chat channels, and we were amazed how the results came so quickly after we start using Moobidesk,” said Chris Chua, Owner of Face of Man.

Face of Man has seen a 30% increase in customer service satisfaction as customers are able to send in their enquiries via their preferred channels, and Face of Man is able to handle customers’ requests much faster than before. Face of Man has also seen an increase in the quantity of its leads - they have increased by 200% - while lead quality has improved as well.

“Before Moobidesk, our customer support process was painful - every day we’d be checking social media pages and emails, while handling phone calls and walk in customers. There are times when we missed messages and phone calls, leading to unhappy customers and lost sales. Now, we’ll never have to worry about missing any customers’ enquiries again with Moobidesk,” said Chris Chua, Owner of Face of Man.

Results: Rapid Lead & Customer Growth


Increase in appointments booked


Increase in customer satisfaction


ROI within first 3 months

“Moobidesk works wonders and it’s incredibly simple. From a sales conversion point of view, Moobidesk is the best tool we’ve ever invested in.”

Chris Chua
Owner of Face of Man

Face of Man favourite features

Broadcast Messaging

Instantly send bulk messages to customers to inform them about the latest news and promotions.

“Never did I realize just how powerful broadcast messaging could be until I started using Moobidesk. I’m amazed how easily I can reach out to all my customers in just minutes.”

Chris Chua
Owner of Face of Man

Auto Responders

Set automatic replies during non business hours to let customers know that you are closed and will respond the next day.

“I like how our business can be open round-the-clock with Moobidesk - customers can just message us anytime, and we will be able to receive it. We no longer need to worry about losing customers.”

Chris Chua
Owner of Face of Man

Analytics Reports

Deliver analytics and insights to empower businesses to make faster and better business decisions.

“I love that Moobidesk allows me to know which channel is the most effective, and how many new customers we’ve acquired through Moobidesk.”

Chris Chua
Owner of Face of Man

100% satisfied, looking to add more channels

Face of Man is very satisfied with Moobidesk, and is currently looking into adding other popular channels such as Instagram, WhatsApp and WeChat. This will enable Face of Man to provide customers with more options on how they would like to communicate with Face of Man.

Find Face of Man on Facebook or on their website, to find out more about their services.

One step closer to delivering great customer support

One step closer to delivering great customer support

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