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How sgCarMart Quotz used Moobidesk to drive 2X increase in revenue and delivers 98% customer satisfaction

How sgCarMart Quotz used Moobidesk to drive 2X increase in revenue and delivers 98% customer satisfaction

sgCarMart Quotz - a subsidiary of sgCarMart, is Singapore’s one and only online car auction platform. Since 2007, sgCarMart Quotz has helped more than 100,000 car owners obtain the highest offers for their cars, through a bidding system that reaches out to over 400 used car dealers.

Henry Seah, Co-Founder of sgCarMart has very kindly agreed to share about their experience with Moobidesk.

Challenges they face

Before adopting Moobidesk, sgCarMart faced increasing competition and challenges in maintaining profitability and satisfying customers in this Digital Age. “In recent months, we’ve seen numerous start-ups launching platforms similar to ours. Maintaining our current market share and strengthening customer loyalty are our top priorities this year,” said Henry Seah, Co-Founder of sgCarMart.

sgCarMart decided they needed a modern and powerful solution that can:

  • Generate leads and boost customer satisfaction
  • Improve the overall customer experience
  • Quickly and easily respond to customer enquiries
  • Cut down on phone calls
  • Be simple to implement, easy-to-use, and could be managed completely in house

Moobidesk proved to be effective

After giving Moobidesk a three-month trial, sgCarMart was convinced they had found a solution that would allow them to achieve their business objectives.

Results: Rapid Lead & Customer Growth


more leads


team efficiency


customer satisfaction rate

By providing a SMS option on their site, and advertising this new channel on their Facebook page, sgCarMart Quotz, opened a completely new channel of communication revealing tons of new leads. Moobidesk also enabled sgCarMart Quotz to deliver “great, down-to-earth, genuine customer service effortlessly.”

“The majority of our business comes from inbound calls. Moobidesk allow us to give our customers another method of communicating with our customer service representatives. By providing SMS service to our consumers, we have seen a 2X increase in the number of leads we normally generate through inbound calls.”

Henry Seah
Co-Founder of sgCarMart

sgCarMart’s customer service representatives were initially apprehensive about learning and adapting to a new system, and making changes to their workflow. “We were amazed at how easy it was to use Moobidesk,” Henry said. “The customer service representatives were able to adapt easily and were up and running in a few days.”

Currently, 5 customer service representatives have access to Moobidesk throughout the day. They can now engage in multiple conversations simultaneously, leaving other customer representatives available to handle more phone calls and emails.

Moobidesk is also a huge success among their customers. “We’ve had many customers telling us how much they enjoy being able to SMS their enquiries as opposed to having to pick up the phone, or wait several hours for an email response,” Henry stated.

sgCarMart Quotz favourite features

To handle their high volume of customers properly, customer service representatives needed tools that allow them to efficiently handle these customers at high speed and high accuracy.

Suggested Responses

Ability to detect a specific keyword in the customer message, and automatically display pre-written responses for customer service representatives to select from.

“Thanks to Moobidesk, our customer service became more productive as they were able to handle customers’ requests fast with suggested responses.”

Henry Seah
Co-Founder of sgCarMart

Customer Panel

Customer Panel

“Another feature we particularly love is that Moobidesk presents an overview of a customer’s information and interaction history. Everything is there, in one place. If a customer talked about a past issue, our customer service representatives are immediately on the ball.”

Henry Seah
Co-Founder of sgCarMart

“Good things are meant to be shared. We are so satisfied with Moobidesk, that we recommended it to all of our authorised dealers. We confidently believe Moobidesk is a great solution to generate leads and manage customer support, for all kinds of businesses.”

Henry Seah
Co-Founder of sgCarMart

Looking into the future of artificial intelligence

sgCarMart is looking into adding the Moobidesk chatbot into their current Moobidesk platform. This will enable them to speed up the whole enquiry process further, and reduce the amount of paper work that they are currently doing.

Find sgCarMart Quotz on Facebook or on their website, to find out more about their services.

One step closer to delivering great customer support

One step closer to delivering great customer support

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